Caminito del Rey

Once the most dangerous hiking trail in the world

This almost 8-kilometre-long route by El Chorro mountain lake near Finca Limón was once considered the most dangerous hiking trail in the world. Today, the trail has been completely renovated, and although it has become safer, one thing has not changed: the unique experience of hiking on footbridges built in gorges over 100 metres high. The views are unforgettable.

The Caminito del Rey route is spectacular from start to finish as it runs between gorges, canyons and a large valley. You walk between rock faces that are up to 700 metres deep. The area is also home to a large number of plant and animal species: if you are lucky, you may spot mountain birds such as vultures and golden eagles or wild boar and mountain goats.

To hike through the canyon, you need tickets, which you can book in advance via the official Caminito del Rey website. This adventure is not only a test of thrills, but also a journey through the natural history of this breathtaking landscape. Every step is a reminder of how man and nature interact in this majestic environment. Those who embark on this adventure will be rewarded with unforgettable impressions that will resonate long after the hike is over.